Monday, June 18, 2012

A Date with The Red Chair

Was it all the Double Rainbow Happiness Cake I ate over the weekend?  All the Moscato wine?  Excess food?  In any event, I am on slow motion today.  We had a loud storm go through last night shortly after I fell asleep, which woke me up and I don't think I ever fully fell back asleep.  I have some sewing I really want to do, but, I decided to bead a little.  When you move, all the catalogs are not forwarded.  For an ex-catalog-career person, that is not a good thing.  I love looking at catalogs - their layouts, styling, how many products per page, what appears in the "hot spots", etc.  Anyway, after we moved to our cabin I went to the websites of the catalogs I like the most and requested to be put on their mailing list.  I assume they have a purge-merge so that eventually my old address will fall off and be replaced by the new one.  I am just now starting to receive catalogs, almost 6 months after officially changing our address.  One of the ones that came today was the Sundance catalog.  Love that one.  The clothes, the shoes, the bags....the jewelry!  I spotted the Caravanary Bracelet (bottom picture) for $68 and decided it would be fun to try to recreate it.  Of course, the "real" bracelet has sterling silver and gemstones.  Mine?  Not sure.  I just rummaged around until I found similar-looking beads.  Mine turned out a bit big.  I will need to take it apart and remove some of the spacers.  Not tonight, though.  I have a date with The Red Chair and some Mindless Knitting and some NCIS reruns.  Doesn't get much better than that!  Jerilynn


  1. Please just sell it to me! Then make a smaller one for you! Love these Jeri.

  2. Sold! But, you must come and get it here! I won't be able to go to Sand Lake on the 30th - our large broad are startiing to come Monday the 25th, and leave Sunday the 8th. Then Carl is off to Florida for a bit to help Eleanor get moved to Boise. I will be here at the cabin spots available Tuesday the 10th to Saturday the 14th!!