Friday, June 29, 2012

Memories in the Making

Grandson Jonah from Boise flew alone for the first time to spend time at the lake in Wisconsin.  He has been flying with his mom several times a year since he was a baby, so he is a seasoned pro.  His mom is coming tomorrow, so the return flight after the Fourth will not be a solo one.  How fun!  While we were at St. Pete Beach in Florida in April, Jonah collected a bottle-full of shells.  His idea was to make a necklace.  We carefully carried them back, and soaked them in bleach for a bit.  Grandpa Carl slowly drilled tiny holes in the shells, breaking a few here and there.  Jonah put the jump rings in the holes, and I put them on the chain and closed them up.  I think the creation looks great!  Next project is covering a cigar box with the remaining shells.  As I type, the box has received its first coat of gold spray paint.  After a few more coats, the shells will be glued in place.  It will be a very nice treasure box, I am sure.  Over the next 8 days, children and grandchildren will be arriving.  Weather forecast is almost perfect: 80's, no humidity, sun.  The lake and swim raft will get lots of action, fish will get fed plenty of worms, fires will be lit in the fire pit, the new kitchen will get a good work-out.  Aah, summer in Wisconsin.  We don't have have any shells to collect, just memories.  Jerilynn

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