Thursday, June 7, 2012

This New Towel is Too Good for Cleaning Windows

I would show you a picture of what Carl and I mainly have done today, but it would be invisible!  We washed windows and they are so clear and clean that I would not be able to capture their beauty!  Hee, hee. He is a Windex/towel window washer, and I usually prefer Windex/paper towels.  Old dishcloths and diapers do work good, though, for such a project.   I am quickly running out of steam, but I thought I would show you the other towel I embroidered yesterday.  The design is from OESD Orchard Kitchen.  I have been trying not to buy too many new designs, but this one was a) on sale at a good price, and b) reminded me of hand-worked embroidery.  Of course I  picked the largest file to start with, but it turned out great.  I happened to have this white towel with the primary colored borders on hand.  Just right.  Am I the only sewer who always buys blank dish towels when I see some good ones?  You just  never know when you need a quick gift or a color boost for your kitchen.  The other fruit designs in the collection are wonderful, too.  If I don't get too worn out from doing more cleaning, I just may try another one.  Jerilynn

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