Friday, February 4, 2011

Sending Love Your Way

I know, Valentine's Day is a bit overdone in the media...lots of pressure is put on spouses/significant others/friends/family to make sure your loved ones know just how loved they are by buying..... whatever. Well, I ignore most of the hype and focus on what I like about the holiday. The designs, the hearts, RED. Plus, you can use hearts all the time. They don't look out of season if you get lazy and leave a few heart things around much after February is gone. This coaster is from designs I found at Urban Threads. LOVE that site. Their embroidery designs are very fun, not stuffy at all, and they sew out beautifully. You should take a look. They have graphics and hand embroidery, too. I combined a couple of their designs to get what I wanted. The blue color reminds me a bit of Tiffany blue. Hmmm. They have great heart jewelry. Just sayin. Jerilynn

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