Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beach Under Glass

Lots more snow predicted for tomorrow and tomorrow night. We had a few warmer days that teased us quite cruelly. A Christmas lantern that I had put on the porch before Christmas, never to be seen throughout the whole holiday season, appeared last week, still festive and hoping it didn't miss much. The newly-to-come inches will probably bury it again for a while. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised - it is mid February in Northern Wisconsin. It is supposed to be icky and cold and snowy. I guess I am unused to this. As I have previously said, over and over, we usually are at the beach. Walking in the sand. Finding shells. Getting sunburned. Drinking fruity drinks with cherries and little umbrellas. Well, instead I am making beach glass tile necklaces. Sun and Moon Crafts has this new kit in - includes the glass tile, necklace, jump ring, and metal image holder. Image is of your choice. I love how this starfish looks like it is 3-D, captured in glass. I had several images that I thought would look good, but the beach nod won. The good news is that a new, huge snowfall always makes things look clean and fresh and magical. The pine tree view through the window from The Red Chair will look like Martha Stewart went crazy with the white glitter. I will put some bread and/or pie and/or cookies in the oven. Turn on the gas fireplace. Cozy socks. Cancel unnecesary car trips. And wear the starfish necklace. Jerilynn

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  1. Thank you for putting a positive spin on the snowstorm. I'm dreading more winter, but I might as well be cozy and get out a beach read!