Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Exact Color of the Gulf of Mexico

Remember my friend Sally that owns Buttons, Bangles and Beads in St. Pete Beach, Fl? She and I become friends during our visits to the beach and one of the years we discovered we had a connection - her daughter had a lake house on the same lake as our cabin. This summer Sally and Roger also built a cabin on that lake. So now we can see each other when we go to the beach in Florida, but since they will be at their WI cabin all summer, we can really spend time together at the lake! Roger and Sally came up to their cabin for the first time since it was finished this Christmas. We popped in to see the place, which is just beautiful!!! Classy finishes and decorating choices. Very unique, tasteful, warm, inviting, and fun. Just perfect. Sally gave me a wonderful Christmas gift - a beautiful strand of graduated aquamarine beads. Just the exact color of the Gulf of Mexico. I take them out of their gossamer bag now and then and just look at them and imagine all the projects I could make. I finally decided to use a few of them, some of the smaller ones, to make a necklace. It is pretty simple in design. I wanted the beads to be the focus. If course, in person, the beads just glimmer and shine. The nice thing about making stuff with beads is that you can make something, wear it for a while, and you always can use the beads in a different project if you change your mind. Love it. Thanks again, Sally! Looking forward to this summer. Jerilynn


  1. Hi Jeri wasn't sure how else to get ahold of you but I have a question about the big Bonnie bag Page 2 Where is says to place one of the lining pieces face down on the zipper is that the non interfaced pocket? Feeling a bit confused.
    Thanks Lori

  2. Hi, Lori! Email me at so we can get in touch!