Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Beach Image

Snow is falling! I think we have about 10 inches so I predicted in yesterday's blog, it is making things look pretty clean and sparkly outside. I turned up the heat, have on thick socks, put in one of those frozen pies I made last fall, and just decided to enjoy the snow show. I had a pretty productive day. I mostly worked on writing a pattern for one of my handbag patterns. It required some drawing in Corel Draw and I was happy to be able to figure out some of the ways it works. I am supposed to teach a class on the bag tomorrow, but if the snow keeps up like this, I may not even be plowed out by then! I made a necklace, too, today. It has three strands of seed beads, an idea my sister gave me. I wanted to find a graphic image with colors that complimented the beads, and when I saw this image of a beach and umbrellas, I knew this one would be the winner. The sky in the image is really more of a blueish color, but inside shots at night are hard. The three strands of beads easily fit through the big bail. That's all from The Red Chair. I think I will go peek outside and see what is new. Jerilynn

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