Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Hearts on Woolfelt

This sampler was, again, made in Bernina V6 software. I used the heart vector image from Corel in Art Canvas and filled it with different fills in the Embroidery screen. The first coaster I made I stitched it out on Tiffany Blue, but there is something about red and hearts that is just a great combination. I have three coasters stitched out and need to do one more for a set. Let me know if you need a last minute V-Day gift or two! Carl has been putting in long days putting in a new kitchen at Peter and Katie's house. He says it is looking mighty good! The timing was perfect for his help. The cabin addition is not quite at the point that he can start doing the interior work, so this side job is keeping him out of trouble. I have been sewing for a few days at a neighbor's house, which is keeping me out of trouble, too! I need to do some more stuff for my folks, so I should spend a little time tomorrow and this weekend getting more things done. The designing and watching the stitch-out is a welcome diversion. Jerilynn

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