Monday, February 7, 2011

Mesh Tote Bag

Hello there! I had a fun day today. I sewed most of the day at a neighbor's house. She invited a few people over to sew and I was one of the lucky invitees! Her sewing room(s) were well lit and well equipped! I may just go back again tomorrow. One thing I made was the pictured tote made out of pet screening. It has 6 outside pockets for treasures, and a roomy inside area for big items. I think it will make a very handy bag to use for sewing, or pretty much anything! I have heard that the screening comes in other colors - I will have to investigate that. It went together pretty good, but the pattern was not so easy to follow. Now that I have made one, I can figure out a simpler way to write it so that when I make another I won't be so confused. Some of the numbers just didn't add up! I managed to get it together, and do think it turned out pretty good. I bet I have a few daughters and granddaughters that might find these handy. Just speak up, ladies! Jerilynn


  1. Darling diaper bag? Wish I was having a baby....just kidding!

  2. What??? These bags can be used for anything! No babies involved! They (babies) are cute and fun, but EXHAUSTING. It is fun to see them, but not have to raise them!

  3. Oh, a good WOW project!! Found the screenig on line at several "sewing" sites and in colors - is one.

    You are quite the "bag lady"!