Saturday, February 12, 2011

Atkinson Designs Pouch

This is zipped pouch from the Atkinson Designs Cash and Carry pattern. It was quick and fun. Pattern was well-written with good illustrations and great tips from the designer. I loved how the zipper was finished - nice and tidy. I would prefer to have the lining more finished rather than stitched and edge-finished edges, but overall I would make this pattern again. The pattern has a few other variations, including a nifty twin-zip style that might be the next one I make. On a serious note, our grandson, Aaron, was in a skiing accident and has a critical head injury. We are keeping positive thoughts, but are very scared and concerned. Please say a prayer for him and the family. Jerilynn


  1. I will say some prayers for your grandson Aaron and hope to hear positive news..please keep us posted.

    I think you know, but Terry Atkinson and I went to college together, even rooming together for awhile. She has great patterns and instructions. Haven't seen her for several years, but we do talk about getting together again for a sewing weekend or something.

  2. I think she is in the Twin Cities area??? Wouldn't it be fun for you two to meet in Cumberland at Beaver Dam Lake? What a great sewing week that would be!!!

  3. Terry is in Elk River, Minnesota...if I remember right it is about 1/2 hour or so north of would be a great sewing week..Terry is a lot of fun...and so full of creative you!