Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Round Mugs, Round Coasters

These are from the book by Malka Dubrawsky. I made the wonky square quilt from that book and the sewing machine cover. These round, pieced coasters are a departure from my woolfelt square coasters, but I love the casual piecing and the free-form quilting. They are right at home in the new studio. I demonstrated the piecing and quilting at the Sew Club at Sew Complete a week ago. I decided to finish the three coasters that were demo samples. Glad I did. Bindings cut on the bias fit around the circle quite neatly. Can't see from the picture, but I sewed the binding down using a wavy stitch with variegated thread. So, now my morning coffee in the studio will have a good coaster. I can even invite three friends. Are you free next week? Jerilynn


  1. Love these and they look like fun! Oh to be in heaven!

  2. Are these for sale at your Cumberland or easy shop? If so, SOLD!