Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Curtains Life Two

My pet peeves are those awful metal bedframes. The legs are not pretty. You can hide them with a bedskirt, but that leads me to another pet peeve - beds are hard to make with them and they look too foo-foo, and they collect dust. Maybe that is why another name for a bedskirt is dust ruffle. Anyway, I put a twin bed up in the studio and I like how it looks and it is a great place for a quick little nap. I am using the red and turquoise quilt that used to be on our bed, but you could see those metal legs. So, I took the stripe curtains that used to be in the guest bedroom, cut away the linings, sewed them together and made a fitted cover for the box spring and frame. I know, very close to a dust ruffle, but no ruffle, and fitted enough that making the bed should be okay. On another note, I am at our condo for a day or two and cannot locate the camera battery! Plus, my IPhone pics are still bad. jerilynn

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  1. Being as my house is so small and I have major "stuff", I need dust ruffles/bedskirts to hide the items stored!!! Mostly fabric!!!! It's a pain when I need something - have to vacuum dust from dust ruffle first!!!!!!!