Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coaster Through the Day

Experimented a bit tonight with the covered clothesline and made this quick little coaster. The fabrics I used are some of my new most favorite...Hometown by Sweetwater. Love the colors and the variety of prints in the collection. You can't see it in this awful picture (my camera's battery dies and the back-up is back home...used my camera to get this shot), but the white fabric next to the red middle has all kinds of hometown names written on it. Strangely enough, as I am sewing along, Chippewa Falls, my hometown, appeared right on the part of the fabric that was going to show. Had no idea that it was there. Spooky. I think the coaster turned out good. I have a couple more clothesline ideas. I am tired tonight, though, so I think they will keep until the morning. Jerilynn P.S. I made a few more of the improv coasters today. Once I get a bunch made, I will let you know, just in case you want to buy some....:)

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