Monday, August 8, 2011

Build It and They Will Come

Whew! We added on to our cabin so that we would have lots more room for family and friends. Lots more beds, bathrooms, places to sew. Well, I think we successfully accomplished our goals! Non-stop family and friends have come to see the new spaces and most all announce that they are not going to ever leave! We always say they can stay as long as they want, but there have been some quick turn-arounds for beds these past few weeks. Am I saying that I am tired of so much company? Am I saying that I wish we never started this project? Absolutely not!!! I love having people come and feel so at home that they send out change of address cards. I love seeing all the tables set up in the studio and people sewing and cutting with room to spare. I love having youngest son stay overnight in the bed by the windows in the studio and announce he understands why we love this place so much. Even though that means expert babysitters are an hour away rather than 10 minutes away. It was a bit too quiet around here today. Towels are done, sheets are clean and on the beds. Floors vacuumed and dusted. I started making my shower curtain for our bathroom finally, and found out that the grommets I bought to put at the top will not flatten - even when hammered by Carl with a sledge hammer! Back to the drawing board. Jerilynn

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  1. Enjoyed EVERY minute of my stay there last week...such a beautiful place to glad that you and Carl are willing to let us come and spend a week there and play! Thank you both again for everything...especially for the new quilting studio!! It is awesome! And it was so great seeing all my Chippewa friends again!