Monday, August 15, 2011

A Fine Mess of Fabric Strips

I believe I have written previously about my grandma's homemade egg noodles. Lots of egg yolks, salt, flour, and a little oil. Roll out very flat, roll up and cut into thin strips. Shake out and lay on a clean dish towel to dry. She would stand back, survey the pile of towel noodles and proclaim them "a good mess of noodles". Over the years I have used "mess" to describe a fine bunch of things, and smile at the memories that phrase brings. I have been sewing many improvisational projects. Mostly using solids with a few dots and stripes thrown in. Today I decided to go through my fabrics and cut off strips so that I would have a ready supply of fabrics to use. Like rolled noodles, several of the cut strips had to be shaken out before I added them to the pile. I fluffed up all the color, stepped back and decided I had made a fine mess, indeed. Jerilynn P.S. I am storing the strips in a plastic zipped bag that originally held a new blanket. Great project bag.


  1. Those improvisational projects look like fun! Maybe in October?