Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Quilt for Mom

My mom has entered a nursing care facility, and, while the people working there are so very nice and kind, my mom's bed is small and a bit dreary-looking. I decided to make her a cheery quilt, and the Dresden Plate pattern came to mind. Not sure why, but the little flower circles are fun to make in assorted scraps. I figure I need 24 of them to make the quilt. Not sure what type of background I am going to use, but I think it will look best on just a muslin. Let the perky colors and the quilting be the stars. I have 10 done - a red one is currently attached to a printed background that just didn't look right. I will spend some "unsewing" time tomorrow, or just make a new red block - that might be easier and faster! I am using some rotary cutting template I bought years ago - "Quick Strip" by Sharlene Jorgenson. The cutting goes fast and the stitching is simple. 14 more to go. I will stitch them on the background squares with a clear, poly thread using a narrow hem stitch. A circle of fabric is then stitched in the middle. I think Sharlene gives a hint in her pattern booklet for making the circles. I hope so. Jerilynn


  1. She will love this, plus it's like a hug from her family every day. Your dad told me it's the best place she's been. Wishing peace of mind for all of you now that she can be safe and settled in. <3

  2. What a great way to comfort and surround her with your love.