Friday, August 19, 2011

Got Notes?

First image: A cork board that my sister left in my trunk. She said I could either take it back (receipt provided) or keep it. Well, it didn't look all that groovy. But, I had been wanting a cork board in the studio and had recently found some thumbtacks that I made a million years ago by gluing white buttons onto a simple tack. So, I brought the ugly board up here and wrapped some interesting fabric around the board - black with white thread images. I simply thumb tacked the fabric in place in case I wanted to change out the fabric for a different one or maybe even use the black fabric for a project. White button thumbtacks look great on it. Now I need some inspired notes or words to tack to it. A simple grocery list would not do. Jerilynn

1 comment:

  1. Nice! But how 'bout that clock? Let's see the whole face please. Did you make it?