Thursday, March 14, 2013

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

We traveled from Madison, WI, to Chattanooga, TN, a week ago Friday, a ten/eleven hour drive. Somewhere right before Chattanooga we crossed from Central Time Zone into Eastern, losing an hour. The next day, Saturday, we drove another ten/eleven hours to our destination, St. Pete Beach, Florida, on the Gulf Coast. Quite by accident, we chose "spring ahead" as our travel weekend, thus losing another hour. So, I lost two days in a car, and, two hours ... where are they? Years ago I traveled to the Eastern Time Zone on "fall back" weekend for a training week. On Monday everyone was talking about their extra hour. Because I lost an hour in travel, and gained an hour with the time change, it was net zero for me. No gained hour. I felt cheated! I know, this doesn't really matter, and does anybody really care, but I just wonder why this whole time change thing twice a year is necessary. Arizona doesn't change times, and they function just fine. Soooo, we are here at the beach for a couple of weeks, and I finally am used to what the clock says. On the drive down, I worked on the lap afghan for my mom, and finished it shortly after we arrived. I gave it a machine wash and dry and the cotton "Dishy" yarn is now soft, squishy, garter-stitch fun. I think she is really going to like it. I should put it in a box and mail it off to her, but the rainbow colors are wonderful to look at in this temporary home. It may get delivered to her in person on our trip home. We will gain an hour just north of Chattanooga. Jerilynn


  1. The colors are gorgeous on your afghan! Very nice, I'm sure Mom will love seeing you deliver it in person. It is now 6:06 pm in California if that helps. :o)

  2. I swear we are going back in time here in Wisconsin. It looks like December - no "spring forward" for us yet (except where it related to clock re-setting). The local weather wonks tell us we've had about 57" of the white stuff already this season with another 3-6" expected today, and MORE later in the week-end. Dear Lord, give us a break!! Last year on this date it was close to 80 and The Honest Man was golfing! I want a ray gun to beam me forward about 800 hours in the hopes that THEN I will see all this snow gone! Enjoy Florida!