Monday, March 25, 2013

Want to Buy a Bracelet?

We are still at the beach and alone once again.  The kids flew home this morning and it is a bit quieter, but the wind has arrived, so that is filling in the silent gaps.  Katie and I enjoyed our class at Buttons, Bangles, and Beads, learning how to make the wrapped beaded/leather bracelets.  It is fairly time consuming, but not hard at all.  Especially with a beachy, fruity, drink on hand.  The bottom photo is the one I just now finished.  It is a five wrap, with 3 mm Czech fire-polished beads.  Cost for the materials: $17.00,  not including the gas driving down from Northern Wisconsin, Beach front condo in Florida, bar bills (especially at Bongos), class fees, or bead purchases that fit in insanely small bags.  Include those, and you get a bracelet that approaches the $198.00 one in the first photo, from Sundance Catalog.  Well, not even close.  Want to buy a $4,000.00 bracelet?  Jerilynn


  1. I like!! Very cool way to spend the day - bead stringing!

  2. Scared me at first..thought it snake coiled up..and then I woke up! Beautiful!

  3. Very nice! Perhaps you should teach a class now. :)