Monday, March 18, 2013

Beach Blanket Bingo

No, I didn't suddenly just get another grandchild.  The bottom photo is from Ravelry and it is a picture of the Mix and Match Motif blanket by Linda Permann.  I bought her book, Little Crochet, and this is the first project I have made from it.  I am not a perfect crocheter; in fact, I would consider myself a beginner, but I thought this might be a fun, quick, easy project.  I remember when our three year old grandson, Ben, was just a little guy and he would love playing with little blankets.  Peek-a-boo, dragging them, wadding them up and plopping down on them.  Now Addy, age 11 months, is doing the same thing and I thought I would make a little circles blanket for her.  I didn't do all of the fancy circles, mostly just plain blocks, but I still think it looks like she will have fun with it.  It is made out of the same Dishy cotton yarn from Knitpicks that I have used for the other knit afghans I have made.  Again, not heirloom yarn, but machine wash and dry.  I learned quite a bit as I made the 36 circle squares, and I may get other yarn and make a bigger blanket.  I might use a bigger crochet hook, and I think a washable wool yarn would be gorgeous.  I also may do a fancier border...picots would look funky-fun, don't you think?  Bingo! Jerilynn  P.S.  Our favorite beach bar, Bongo's, is just two sand-walking buildings away.  They have the best Zombies, Cubans, and live  music.  So maybe this beach-finished blanket should be called Beach Blanket Bongo. 

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