Sunday, March 17, 2013

Presto, Change-o

You may recognize the top photo that I have previously posted.  It is a bracelet I made using some of Sarah Moran's beads (  Although I love the beads, I found the bracelet too clunky and the beads were not shown to their best advantage.  That is the wonderful thing about beads - you can make something, and change your mind!  So, I took apart the bracelet, and added some black, matte seed beads, and some African Christmas beads...soo...a new creation!  I have been noticing that the younger set are wearing longer necklaces, wrapped a couple of times around the neck.  While I was making this necklace, (looking over the white sandy beach, btw), Carl asked if I was perhaps making a jump rope.  It was rather long.  Yesterday evening we stopped for a cocktail at a local beach bar.  I had on a white tank, tan capris, a plum drapey cardigan sweater, and my new necklace.  Quite fetching for a senior citizen.   Our waitress, a cute, young, tan, peppy gal, spied my necklace and said she "LOVED" it!  Cool.  We came back to our place and I made two more "jump ropes".  Life is good.  Jerilynn

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