Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beach Baubles

One reason I love coming to St. Pete Beach is Buttons, Bangles, and Beads, a shop owned by my friend, Sally.  Over the years I got to know Sally by going in to her bead shop.  She not only is just adorable, she is consistently patient and nice to all the "snow birds" who visit her shop in the spring.  After I few years I casually mentioned that we had just bought a cabin on a lake in a small town in Northern Wisconsin.  "Oh, which lake?"  "Beaver Dam Lake in Cumberland."  Shock face.  "My daughter has a place on Beaver Dam Lake and we are building a cabin on their property next summer!"  Small world, isn't it?  So, not only do I get to see Sally at her bead shop in Florida, but I get to see her in the summer around our fire pit in Wisconsin.  I have been trying to talk her into opening a bead shop in Cumberland, just for the summer, touristy months, but she says she likes to just relax at the lake.  I guess it is very much like it is for us snow birds when we fly south...we just want to have fun.  My first "creation" of this trip is the necklace above - it is made using memory wire with beads and rubber tubing.  It just hooks around the neck and stays there.  Heavy beads are not a good choice, so I used some paper beads and some lucites.  I am looking forward to a wrap bracelet class next week. For some time I have looked at the wrapped leather and bead bracelets in the Sundance  Catalog.  You know the ones, they cost $200 to $300.  Maybe I will find out the reason for the price once I start the process.  Stay tuned.  Jerilynn

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