Wednesday, February 27, 2013

News Flash: Retail Stores Will Close at an Alarming Rate!

I hesitate at posting this on my blog, on the Internet, for the whole world to read. I am giving up shopping for a year. I know this sounds crazy, but I am not exactly giving up ALL shopping, just new purchases of fabrics, beads, clothes, and home decs. Family and friends - don't worry - I am still shopping for you! I realized when I came back to my studio from Florida, that I had tons of fabulous fabric, special beads, soft yarns, and new crafts (fabric stamping/painting) just happily waiting to get used. I am good at shopping, finding new fabric lines that I love, new bead artists to support with a purchase. The Internet (Pinterest!) is such a wealth of inspiration. Tangents are so easy to take. In the meantime, however, past great ideas are pushed aside. I want to challenge myself to discover what I already have. Spend more time a actually creating, and less time shopping. My new "rule" is that I certainly can buy what I need to finished something...zipper, backing, batting, etc. I can replace...threads, needles, muslin. But I want to look back next year at this time and see a year of ideas put to life and a little more room in the storage areas. Clothes? I have lots of cute ones, plus great accessories. A few less pounds and I would even have more choices. Home dec? Look at my Pinterest ideas and get to work creating! Years ago when I was a young mom, money was a bit tighter than it is now, and I had a ball creating with what was around me. Now, money isn't growing on our trees, but we are okay. So, it isn't about a budget, although it will be interesting to see if I notice a difference. I will keep you informed how this journey is going. So far it has been about a week. All I have noticed so far is how many of my emails are about shopping opportunities. We are in Madison for a few days while Carl finishes up a basement project. I look forward to getting home and playing with all my wonderful old toys. Jerilynn

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