Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chill Chaser

Hue Shift Afghan is all done! I picked up that upper respiratory flu right after I heard on the news that the worst of it was pretty much over. I congratulated myself, then promptly got sick. Go figure! Anyway, the garter stitch knitting of this pattern was about what I could muster. It is pretty darn chilly right now, wind chill -24, and I plopped the new blanket on Carl. He announced after a few minutes that "this throw is mine!" I guess that is a good thing! I have now started a new one in cotton Dishie yarn, on a smaller scale, for a lap robe for my mom. I am starting to feel better and will be working on my new patterns. In the evening, though, a little bit of wine and some colorful garter stitch is just what the doctor ordered. Jerilynn


  1. I Love it!!! Where did you get the pattern?? Is it difficult?

  2. Lori, I bought the kit from Knitpicks.com. It is the Hue Shift Afghan. I think you can buy the pattern alone, too. I did run short of yarn, I knit big, so I bought moreof each color. I like the yarn, though, so I will use the leftovers for something. There are several good hints people gave for the project on Ravelry. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to do, but I am glad I read through people's comments. I am making the pattern again, with smaller squares, out of cotton yarn for a lap robe for my mom. It would be a fun blankie for a baby, too!