Monday, February 4, 2013


I miss my embroidery machine! We have been gone for a while now, and prior to our travels, I did some mending and sewing of new pattern ideas, but no embroidering....the staring at the automatic, computerized stitching, marveling at the perfection. I woke up this morning to a notification that I sold a machine embroidery cd on Etsy and am anxious to get home and send it out. That got me thinking about embroidery and Woolfelt. I looked on the Embroideryonline site to see what was new and saw that Debbie Mumm had some new designs out! The one above is one of my favorites of the bunch. so Springy! There is also a good truck set of designs - the redwork images are the ones that caught my eye. Years ago I collected almost every new Debbie Mumm fabric that came out! I had sets of all her seasonal design dishes. Her calendars, too. Seeing these embroidery designs made me smile. I have lots to do once I have Studio time again, but maybe a little Mumm's the Word springtime design would be a fun diversion. Jerilynn

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