Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Name the Quilt Design

You will be happy to know that the map quilt is looking better.  The circle quilting helps and also repeats the dot binding.  The white border had just a big meander as the quilting, and, after adding the additional stitches to the middle part of the quilt, the border needed attention, too.  I added a scallop to each side of the meander, somewhat (!) meeting in the middle.  The resulting quilting stitch is pretty cute!  You can see the plain meander on the left in the photo, the first scallop on the right, and the "finished" stitch in the middle. This isn't the real border, by the way, I did this little sample just to show you what I did.  I don't think I have seen this  before, have you?  What should I name this?  Jerilynn


  1. It looks like your bubble necklaces!

  2. Sweet pea it is! I may add some curly tendrils next time.... Map is on its way for photography for the new pattern.