Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am still enjoying the snowy views out our windows, but I am starting to think that walking normally instead of doing the ice-shuffle would be a good thing.

We made it back safely from our little vacation and now are going to be on the road again. Carl is going to do a basement project and I am going to play with Addy, 9 months old. I am sure she will be telling me lots of fun things! I am taking my sewing machine along to do some mending and my knitting. Other than the two inches of ice they have under the new 6 inches of snow, it should be a fun week or so. The second picture is a long pillow I made before Christmas that I forgot to show you! It was a kit I bought through Country Threads in Iowa by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. The kit was for a long little quilt, but I turned it into a long pillow. It was so happy it didn't get shoved into the Christmas dec box like the other snowman stuff. When I was a young, new quilter, Country Threads was my favorite pattern and book source. I even went on a field trip to their farm store for a class with some very dear friends. One of my favorite books of theirs was Wear Warm Clothes. The cover quilt was the one you see in the first picture. To celebrate their 30th anniversary (can that REALLY be that long???), they have turned the quilt into a Block of the Month quilt. As a young mother , I wouldn't have been to afford the cost, and would not have had the time to complete the sections. I am tempted, now, to sign right up. I don't have a place for this on my walls, but the memories attached to this are just so precious! Two of the then-young women on that trip are now sewing in heaven. I wish I could call them up and say, "Remember that quilt with the red long-johns on the cover? Let's all sign up and do this together!" Today the wind chill is minus 15, so as I pack to leave again, I will wear warm clothes. Jerilynn

Location:Cumberland, WI


  1. Must be my mood, but as I read this, the tears started. What a fun trip that was - even our matching t shirts. That picture still hangs in my sewing room. Good memories

  2. I think I still have that book, remembered sewing from it. Did find long underwear fabric and used it for backing on DD's "Grandma" quilt. It's her favorite. Stay warm, have fun and enjoy the wee baby.