Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Now What?

Hmm.  This doesn't look too interesting, does it, for the first post of the new year?  The creative process is interesting.  You get an idea, and in your mind it is a really good one.  It bounces around in the brain for a bit, sometimes in the active part, sometimes in the part that you don't even know is still thinking about something.  Then you decide it is time to put pencil to paper.  I spent all day yesterday, January 1, 2013, working on a giant map of the United States.  I printed a small  map on some graph paper, then printed some of my own paper with lines, and drew it in a much bigger scale.   The pages are all taped together, and the states are somewhat identifiable.  I am sure some state residents will be upset at their lack of detail if this pattern ever gets published.  So, now that this is done....what next?  I just love this part of the process....I have no idea where this is going, how it will end up. I clap my hands together in anticipation.  I guess this is like the new year - full of ideas and plans and optimism.  What now?  What is next!!!  How will this turn out?  Let's keep in touch.  Jerilynn

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