Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yarn Yearning

Carl and I got away for a few days on a magical trip to Viva Las Vegas. A Christmas/Birthday/Construction present from oldest son landed us here at the beautiful Cosmopolitan with perfect seat location Rod Stewart concert tickets. Just what a vacation should be-drinks were great, food delicious, gaming fun and not damaging to the wallet. We go back home today, and I must say, we are actually looking forward to being back at the cabin, even with the news of ice and sleet! I think I am spoiled. The super soft, cushy bed here must be a close relative of the one at home. The big soaking tub in the marble bathroom here is nice and roomy, but so is the one in the pine bathroom in Northern Wisconsin. Drinks there are free. A guy on the elevator said the difference between winning and losing in Vegas is leaving. Well we are leaving for the airport very soon and have intact our cash and our unforgettable memories of this long weekend. Winners! We wish for a safe journey home and look forward to our cozy cabin. I find myself wanting to pick up the sewing knitting projects I have started...the picture is the Hue Shift Afghan from Knitpicks that is 3/4 finished...not my actual knitting...the shot is from their site. See you soon! Jerilynn

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