Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Close Call

Hello from The Red Chair!  I haven't posted from here in a while.  My laptop rests on my shelf desk in the studio and I use my iPad from downstairs sitting in the big beige (boring) LazyBoy.  Tonight, however, I felt I needed the soothing comfort of The Red Chair.  What happened?  Well, I have been working on my United States of America pieced map project, and I am  making progress!  I found a fusible interfacing material that will feed through the printer.  So, I put my paper with the states shapes and scan it on to the fusible.  Cut out the fusible, iron it on to the back of the desired fabric, cut 1/4" away from the paper, and piece together.  Working great!  On North Dakota, though, I had a mishap.  I started pressing the interfacing on and quickly realized it was upside down.  I lifted the iron quickly to see how much gunk I got on the bottom, just as the powerful burst of steam happened.  Basically I power- steamed my face.  Yep.  Not good.  Thankful I had my glasses on!  It happened so quickly.  I have a slightly burned forehead and cheeks, but the eyes are fine.  It shook me up a bit, but I still needed to push on.  Went over to the desk where I am scanning the paper patterns onto the interfacing sheets and knocked over my whole cup of coffee - on patterns, under the laptop and printer...At that point I decided I should call it a day.  The studio was becoming a battle zone.  Even though it was the middle of the afternoon, I made myself a cup of coffee, added some Bailey's, and a big dollop of whipped cream.  I will tackle the Eastern United States of America tomorrow.  Tonight it is The Red Chair and the Kitchen Cousins on HGTV.  The above picture?  Three more of the cotton garter stitch afghans I made for the kids for Christmas.  I hope they are using them in their own special cozy chair.  Jerilynn P.S.  The sheets I am talking about are called Wash-Away Applique Sheets by C&T Publishing.  They are going to become part of my regular arsenal.  So many possibilities!!!

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