Sunday, January 20, 2013


Our bathroom/laundry room/hot water heater room that is off our living room and kitchen area used to be the only full bath in the cabin.  When we bought the cabin 6 years ago, we did a slight remodel, adding the washer and dryer, pine car siding to the ceiling and walls, a new vanity and sink.  As the only full bath, it saw a lot of action!  Conveniently located on the main floor from the lake, it had lots of beach towels hanging on the hooks in the summer and wet suits dripping on the rod over the washing machine.  It was functional, happy and content.  The large expansion last year added three more full baths to the cabin.   Big soaker tubs, fancy shower stall.  The little original bath was still used for wet, drippy things, but got little use for baths and showers.  It was a little sad that all the newness passed it by.  I tried getting new shower curtains now and then, but my choices weren't enough to perk it up much.  After Christmas I saw a shower curtain that was brown, rust, red, gold and green striped, much cuter in person than how it sounds.  It looked great, but needed a new curtain rod in the dark bronze color with new dark hooks.  Oops.  The knobs on the vanity would look better bronze than white and faucet in bronze?  Hooks?  TP holder?  Light?  New rug?  Yep.  A mini re-do!  The bathroom looks cozy and fresh. It seems to have a new sense of pride at being the most newly decorated in the cabin.  That's what happens, though, when you do just one little gets out of hand and dominoes!  Jerilynn  P.S.  Forgot to tell you about the picture above!  It is the never-ending map project.  I have all the states pieced together and now need to figure out what to do with it.  It just isn't that cute.  Maybe I should have used dots or prints or both. 


  1. I think this map is cool looking!

  2. That really is the neatest. Put buttons where you have been or want to go!