Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dream Big!

I nailed up four of my Christmas gifts on a wall in the studio.  Carl got me the decorative big wooden needle and red button (from Etsy) and the huge, but functional Gingher scissors.  I will use them as a weapon if my sewing area is ever under attack!  Fitting right into the bigger-than-life theme is the big silver clothespin that Ellen got me.  I have a thing for clothespins - I use them for snack clips and napkin and towel identification.  I have a few craft project ideas pinned on my Pinterest boards, too, that use clothespins.  So, this big silver clip is just perfect!  I am going to use it to clip up notes to myself, or a fun idea now and then.  I don't have a design wall anymore, but I have this design clip!  I hope you got some fun gifts this season.  I sure did...I don't mean to just showcase the gifts from Carl and Ellen, I just didn't nail the other stuff to the wall!  Although some beautiful Beaver Dam Lake cloud pictures taken by granddaughter Courtney and some framed family photos will be appropriately nailed up in the hallway quite soon.  Jerilynn

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