Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is a shot of the new quilt I made for my mom for Christmas. Simple, again. I used layer cake 10" squares of Hometown from Sweetwater. I used a slightly different quilting technique than I usually do, however. I usually use unwashed fabrics and an unwashed cotton batt. Quilt, then wash and dry for a crinkly look. I took a fabulous class, however, at, from Weeks Ringle. She is half of the husband/wife team at Fun Quilts, now called Modern Quilt Studio. I absolutely loved the class. So much valuable information, and she is the kind of teacher that you want to invite to your home for coffee and become your new best friend. Their quilts are so beautiful and precise - the quilting is perfect, and the resulting quilts are made to be used and loved on a daily basis. Just my style. She said they always prewash (pre shrink) fabric, but not the cotton batt. After quilting, they wash and dry the quilts. What happens, is that the batt shrinks inside the quilted areas, but not the fabric, and the result is lots of great crinkly texture and a very soft hand to the quilt. So, with this latest mom quilt, I did that technique. I quilted the quilt with a circle pattern, and even though my quilting is pretty close together, the quilt feels pretty soft. Now the problem is, though, that all of my fabrics and scraps are not washed. So, it is going to be a bit of a challenge to make a scrap quilt using bits of this and that on the fly. I suppose I could make a month-long project out of washing fabric, but yikes. I will figure this out, because this new-to-me way of quilting is really cool. Jerilynn

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