Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow and Snowman Bars!

Yay!  It snowed again last night!  The trees have just enough white stuff on them to make it look magical.  We missed the big storm that hit the Madison area - last report from daughter-in-law Sarah is that they had 12+ inches and are still getting heavy snowfall.  Winds will pick up around noon and expected amount is 18".  Other than the fact that three of our kids and their kids are traveling north to the cabin tomorrow, the Winter Storm Draco is cool!  I am hoping that the roads that are going to be closed will magically be cleared and open in time for some Christmas celebration.  I haven't posted many pictures of the things I have been working on, of course, to keep things a surprise.  I can show you, however, the darling snowman-wrapped Hershey Bars!  I saw the link on Pinterest, and you can find the free download here.  My sister, fresh in from Arizona (just in time for the snow!!) , Carl, and I whipped these together last night.  So fun and easy.  We printed the image on shiny photo paper, made the hats from Woolfelt, the scarves from plaid flannel, and tied on a little jingle bell for sparkle.  Their destination is the nursing home where  my mom is.  She will have fun handing them out to people, and maybe eating a bar or two herself.  I would like to make a few more for the family stockings, but we will see.  My dad has had a couple of heart procedures this past week or so, and my production schedule was put on the back burner.  He is doing okay, and I am back in the Studio, looking at The List and hitting the must-do things first.  Nothing like a clean fresh coat of whiteness, though, to lift my spirits.  Love this place and love this time of year.  Nature at its most beautiful, quiet and restful.  Thankful that we all are snug and warm, though separated by closed highways!  Jerilynn  P.S.  The title sounds like there is a place in town where the snowman can get a hot toddy.  Could be fatal.

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