Sunday, December 9, 2012

No Buttons Were Hurt for this Project

I was doing pretty good until I started reading all the emails.  Hurry!  Last Three Days!  Final Free Shipping!  40% off Ends Today!  Coupon Good Only Until Midnight Tonight!  The caps and the exclamation points add to my sense of "Oh, my gosh.  I better get into fast gear!  Time is running out!  I have so much to do!"  So, I do what I always do, make lists.  I thought that I had a pretty good handle on gifts for our 19+ family, but in black and white, not so pretty.  The easy people have too many things, the hard people (read males) have too little.  Somehow it always works out just fine.  I will make some cookies, serve adult beverages, and bake cheesy potatoes en masse.  Cleaning needs to be done, sewing projects finished (or, in some cases, started!)  So....what did I do so far today?  Spied some green buttons and decided they would make a cute tree to plop on the studio bathroom window ledge.  But, I didn't want to glue these buttons - some are old and deserve to have an ever longer life.  Ah.  Wire.  Bend, twist, thread, twist some more.  Find tie, bell.  Done.  Now, I really must get serious.  Time Is Running Out!!! Jerilynn

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  1. As president of the EC Button Club and member in good standing of the National and Wisconsin State Button Societies, I hereby bestow upon you the "do no harm" award for creating clever button crafts without compromising the integrity of the vintage buttons involved in said creation. Well done you!