Friday, August 24, 2012

Multi Zippered Pockets Bag

New tote bag!  I was inspired by some Sue Spargo Renaissance Ribbons and by a bag I saw that had rows of ribbons sewn together to make the fabric for the bag.  I wanted to use some of the hidden zipper pockets that I talked about in this blog post.  I had some nice, heavy neutral canvas fabric, and a few yards of some ribbon, and this tote bag is the result.  I made three hidden zipper pockets, using three different colors of zippers and inside pocket materials.  Five different ribbons were used, straight-stitched down.  I attached a rectangle flap with some hook and loop tape to somewhat close up the tote, squared off the bottom, and asked Carl, nicely, to cut a masonite bottom to put inside for stability.  Inside it is lined in red (are you surprised?) with a little pocket.  This idea could go in many directions:  You could used machine decorative stitches instead of ribbons.  You could do color blocking in each area.  You could label each pocket with machine alphabets or fabric paints or markers ("keys", "cash", "candy", etc.)  The top of the bag could be closed with a zipper, and the back of the bag, now plain, could sport a sewn-on zippered pocket.  I like it.  Jerilynn


  1. We definitely need a pattern for this!

  2. Awesome bag...I hope you do a pattern for this the colors in the ribbons.