Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest Pin Interest

Are you on Pinterest yet?  When I first heard about Pinterest, an internet bulletin board where you can pin up and categorize things you find on the web, I thought that it didn't seem as if that was something that was missing in my life.  I had a somewhat organized list of bookmarked sites, but they had mysterious names and I never could quite remember what they all meant without clicking on them all.  Not too exciting.  So, I finally started to pay attention to Pinterest Possibilities, and, yep, I am hooked.  What I like most is all the visual-ness of the pins.  You can go to your "boards", select the category, and all of the items you have pinned up for inspiration are there, in full color.  The best part is that the link to where you can find more information, or where you got the picture, is right there, too.  Quilts I want to make?  Got pictures pinned.  Food I want to make?  Got pictures.  Home decorating ideas?  Got pictures.  Get the picture?  You can also look at other peoples' pins and find interesting things that they found interesting.  Once in a while you find some boards that just have to belong to a long lost twin sister...all the pins are just what you would have liked had you seen them first!  The house tape measure in the bottom picture I first saw on someone's board on Pinterest.  And, because links are there, too, I could trace the source of the adorable pattern to Laurraine Yuyama on the website.  It is a PDF pattern, always dangerous (instant gratification).  Just so happen to have a round tape measure on hand....cut, sew, done!  The top shot is the result.  Cute, huh?  The antique button is really lime green in person - don't know why I couldn't get the color to come out right on the shot.  Now I am on a hunt for a house pin cushion pattern that could be a good neighbor to the tape measure.  House scissor holder?  House needle keeper?  Jerilynn 


  1. I hope to make one this weekend...such a cute measuring tape!

  2. Could you please email me the link to your Pinterest boards? I can't seem to find them - would love to make one of these cute tape measures too! (I'm your newest follower)