Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Final Funky Fish Project Ever

Oh my goodness.  Not another Funky Fish!! Yes, but this project should be the last of it.  I used colored pencils to color in random blobs of  shapes.  I roughly drew the shapes of the curtain panel applique  embroideries, but didn't pay much attention to size.  I first used a small foam brush to spread the textile medium around on top of the red oval pencil.  It bled a bit as you can see in the lower right side of the oval.  I picked a smaller brush to apply the textile medium to the green and blue penciled areas and that worked out much better.  I let the areas dry and then heat set them with a very hot iron.  I embroidered the fish shapes over the dried colored areas and I think the towel is good to go!  The towel was already pre-washed without softener and I am going to let it sit around a few more days before I try washing it again to see what happens to the color.  I will let you know, but I promise not to take a picture.  Enough of the fish, already.  Move on.  Jerilynn

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