Monday, August 20, 2012

Moda Bakeshop Show Off Your Stash!

Moda Bakeshop is holding a Show off Your Stash! link party.  I thought I might take a few pictures and show you around.  This studio is only a year old, a 900 square foot third floor addition to our cabin, now our year-round home.  My husband did all the work, even building most of the specialized sewing/crafting units.  They are all on wheels to allow for flexibility and all the same height to group together for large work surfaces.  First picture is an overall view as you come up the stairs to "Heaven"!

 This is the pressing area with my Isacord threads in numerical order and a peek to the bathroom on the left.

The window sill on the way down is a great place to keep buttons and knitting needles.

 At the front of the studio, facing the lake, is my office area, complete with a small fridge for cold drinks.
 To the right you can see my "stash" stored in Ikea wire drawers.  These units are also on wheels and can be moved to block off the sleeping area if needed.  The table is a great place to plan and lay out patterns.

 Sleeping area and sitting area.  Family members request this sleeping area first!  
 These solid knotty pine doors hide messy, but organized bins of stabilizer and battings.
 Near the front windows, with a great view, are my machines.  Each one has its own special strong points.  How to pick just one?
 In the back corner is a full bath.  The Ikea countertop was fitted to an antique sewing machine cabinet.  
 You  never know when you will need a good hot bath to sooth sore sewing muscles.
 Stairs on the way down.
 In the relaxing area you can watch a favorite sewing video or read some books. Thread is also stored here, organized by type.
 The view from the studio...almost hard to get anything done!!!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour.  There are other studio shots over the months in my blog.  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for stopping.  Jerilynn  


  1. I cannot wait to comr visit. Your studio is wonderful!


  2. How wonderful is your studio. I must say that I am jealous.

  3. You and Carl should be complimented on design and execution, an amazing area~ worthy of magazine "showing off!"

    (1) The seamstress' answer to a "man cave"!
    (2) Mr. Jerisew is an absolute JEWEL. Pinch yourself, and praise God for this time in your life :>)
    (3) If you never leave this place, I would understand. Then again, emergency trips for beer, pizza, etc. might be necessary....

  5. Looking good! I can see that your fabrics are still sorted and FOLDED! Yahoo! I'll come anytime and help you refold if necessary. Enjoy! See you soon. Jan

  6. Will this be in a magazine? It should be! Great job capturing the creativity, function and charm of your dream space come true. You and Carl are an amazing team in every way. Love it all!

  7. Now I can show my family why I wouldn't miss WOW!!

  8. Jeri...great pictures of your sewing studio...looks a lot different then when you have us all there for WOW. Hope you will have your studio in a magazine! It is awesome...and so are you and Carl!

  9. HOLY CRAPOLY. I'm moving in. Susan