Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Funky Fish Embroidered Curtain Panels

One out of three curtain panels is done for the kitchen.  As I mentioned before, once in a while I would like the ability to block the three little windows in the kitchen that look toward the lake.  On the side kitchen window, facing the  neighbors, I made the Funky Fish curtains that you see on the left.  I bought the fabric from Spoonflower, and love it, but didn't want to spend a bunch on panels that would be used infrequently.  I bought some very inexpensive white twill and made three little, lined panels that just fit the three windows.  I used the method of making them that you can read about in an earlier curtain tutorial here.  Carl put up two cup hooks above each window, and when we want to have a little privacy, all we have to do is hang the panels by their little grommets (you can barely see them in the picture...sorry) from the hooks.  The plain white looked too bare, of course, so I have digitized some of the fish shapes using my Bernina V6 software.  The colored areas are appliqued in place before the black fish shape.  All done on the embroidery machine.  I may add a few of the quirky asterisks and circles on the original print, but, then again, I may just work on finishing the other two and call it done.  The reality is, they are not going to be used that much.  I have some blank white dishtowels that might get the Funky Fish treatment, too.  I will show you a picture of the panels at the windows when they are all done.  Don't hold your breath, though, unless you are swimming.  Jerilynn

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