Monday, August 20, 2012

Chicken Little

If you plan on coming to Cumberland's Rutabaga Fest this weekend (80th annual!)  and want to stop by our place for a nice cool drink on a patio with a view, better bring a hard hat!  The acorns are dropping early this year and are nice and plump.  Thunk!  Thunk!  We listen to that fun noise all day and all night and take great sport in dodging the acorns as they fall during the day.  Sometimes I suspect that our neighborhood squirrels take much delight in actually throwing them down at us.  At one point Carl put up our big patio umbrella to protect my head!  Just walking on the grass is a dance - those marbles are everywhere!  Hills are tricky.  The weather has been so delightfully cool at night so far this August that our windows have been open all day and night - we listen to the loons calling, see the moon shining (blue  moon this August!!), and hear the plop of the oak tree nuts.  Can't get much better than that.  Add sparkling water views during the day - perfect Hamm's beer commercials ("From the Land of Sky Blue Waters..").  Simply heaven.  The little chicken pin cushion I made from fabric selvedges was brave enough to pose with some of the newly fallen acorns, but quickly waddled into the house for protection.  The sky is falling!!! Jerilynn 

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