Monday, July 30, 2012

Pincushion Smiles

I have been OBSESSED with the image of the spool pincushion in the first image.  It is from here and the blog talks about how the pins are dyed using Tim Holz alcohol dyes.  Well, I researched the dyes and found out they are about $3.00 per color, mostly used for scrapbooking stamping.  I felt that I really couldn't afford all the colors I wanted just to dye the tips of egg-shaped corsage pins.  Let's not even consider that I would have to source the big wooden spool and the measurement printed ribbons (okay, I have the ribbons, but I would have to get some antique dye for them or tea dye them...).  You can see how I can sometimes lose hours just trying to figure out how to make something only to realize that it is just not a good idea.  I was still stuck on the colored pins, however, and took someone's advice (sorry, don't remember whose good idea it was!:(  and bought some permanent art markers and some white corsage pins.  Worked just great at a mere fraction of the cost - had a Michael's coupon!  I didn't have the spool pincushion, but I knew that the colored pins would come in handy.  Next obsession:  Sarah Vedeler!  I have loved her vibrant quilts and embroideries for some time now, and discovered on the website, under "What's New" that she offered a free tutorial on how to make the heart ornaments that you see pictured in the third image.  Plus, the tutorial included a free machine embroidery file for the stitch-out.  So wonderful of her and Bernina!  I stitched out the heart and decided I didn't really need an ornament, but with a little bit of stitching and some crushed walnut shells, I could make a pincushion!  I colored me some big pins, stuck them in the cushion, and smiled.  Now my new heart pincushion (middle image) doesn't  resemble the first pincushion at all, but for now I am happy that I got to stitch out a free design and use some art markers.  Jerilynn

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