Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ideas and Bargains!

I wanted to hang my newly-made wonky spools little quilt in the stairwell going to the second level from the studio.  You can see how it was going to prove to be a challenge to hang a quilt rack, or even screw in a curtain rod without some life-endangerment going on.  Carl, brilliant and cute Carl, said "Use a tension rod".  Yes!  Perfect!  I can just lean over the half-wall (seen in the upper right of the picture), and tension the rod into place.  Very easy to change quilts when I get in the mood, too.  Shopko has a sale going on and I got the rod and a package of the cutest little black clip-on rings, 16 in all, for less than $10.  Deal of the day, I would say.  He also is helping me today with more studio projects.  A while ago I blogged about my Design Wall and how that was for sure going to make me an  "official" quilt-designer.  Well, I plopped up some Dresden Plates that were half done on the wall and there they hung for months and months.  In the meantime, we moved The Red Couch and The Red Chair up to the studio, and the couch half covered the wall.  Also, don't be shocked, but I was running out of wall space to hang stuff.  So, the decision was made to dismantle the design wall, thus freeing up a good chunk of valuable space.  I love, love my big windows here, but they do cut down on the ability to nail something up.  A new project is in the works, a collaboration between Carl and me, and once it is up I will be excited to show you what it is.  I'm in Heaven.  Jerilynn P. S.  My friend, Sally, had the cutest red-lidded plastic jars in her studio loft space on her window ledge.  She had all kinds of little treasures stored in them.  She got them at Bargain Bill's, a must-stop-at everything store in Rice Lake, WI.  After scoring the curtain rod sale, we stopped at Bill's and bought 10 containers for $6.90.  Above is a shot of them, not yet filled.  Oh, the possibilities!!!

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  1. Awesome tension rod idea.....will be using that one myself.....huge kudos!!! Hugs, Doreen