Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hidden Zipper Pocket Tutorial

I am working on my new pattern instructions as I drink plenty of fluids and take my cough medicine.  I thought you might enjoy a small tutorial on how to make a zippered hidden pocket.  This will be in the lining of one of the new bags.  This pocket is so easy to do, yet looks quite professional! This is how the pocket looks from the outside:
And this is how it looks unzipped:
                                                                       This is the back:
Okay, this is what you do.  Cut inside fabric for pocket 7" wide by 10" long.  Iron interfacing to the back. On interfacing side, draw a 5" x 3/8" rectangle, 1" down from the top and 1" from each edge.  Place pocket right side down on the right side of the outer fabric.  Placement depends on where you want the zipper opening.  In this example, I placed the top of the pocket fabric 1/2" down from the edge.
                                                             Stitch on the drawn line:
 Slash opening down the middle of the stitched rectangle, stopping 1/4" from each end.                                                                                                        Clip diagonally to corners to stitching, but not through the stitching. Turn pocket to inside and press:
                                            Center zipper in opening and tape or pin in place:
                                               Use a zipper foot and stitch close to the edges:
                                                              Trim excess zipper tape:
Bring bottom of pocket to match top of pocket.  Keep outer fabric out of the way and stitch around the pocket.

                                                          Done!  Wasn't that easy?

Message me if you have any questions or if I made a mess of the instruction order.  I haven't been the sharpest pin in the pin cushion lately!  Jerilynn P.S. Oops.  I just looked at the pictures...the opening looks a bit puckered.  I guess I went a bit too fast on the construction.  Trust me when I say all the other hidden zipper pockets I have made look MUCH better.


  1. rather like making a welt buttonhole, yes? Your tutorial is excellent; love the pictures and the explicit directions.

    It appeared exactly at the right time, as my daughter has requested a zippered pocket in a purse that I am making for her. Referring to your tutorial eliminated the need for me to tax my poor brain cells. :-)

    Thank you so much. ;-)

  2. Glad you like the tutorial and found it helpful. yes, it is very much like a welt buttonhole. Of course, you change the sizes to fit yur need. I was surprised at how easy and quick this is to do!

  3. Great tutorial! I had started to put one in a bag I am making but a more complicated way. Your tutorial is so much easier!

  4. Thanks, Gail! I will be posting a bag I did with three of these pockets on the front very soon. Jerilynn