Thursday, May 3, 2012

Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

If you went to college in the 70's, no doubt you had a poster on your dorm room wall that had that saying on it.  I remember thinking that the sentiment was so very deep.  Well, it maybe isn't that deep anymore, but it still is true!  Two days ago we finished removing all traces of us from the condo.  It is sold and the rumor is, the new owners are thrilled to be moving in.  In just under 30 days, we sold the condo, welcomed a new granddaughter, fought my pneumonia, had an 80th birthday party for my mom, distributed "stuff" to 6 children, had a quick thrift sale, moved 54 boxes and furniture, hauled 25 boxes to Goodwill, sent off three patterns to be published at Spring Market, and planned a new kitchen at the cabin to be finished by Memorial Day.  Someone asked why I had been a bit quiet on the blog side.  Well, I haven't been too creative and didn't want to whine too much about the craziness.  We have been working like mad to get this place organized.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have everything under one roof.  I don't exactly know where it is located under this roof, but if we have it still, it is here.  I simply do not know how Oprah can handle all her houses.  One move we made was The Red Chair and The Red Couch.  Both are now happily plopped in the studio.  You can just see a corner of the couch on the left.  Already I have used both to catch a breath.  Someone asked me if I was sad about leaving our condo.  I replied that even though I loved living there, what I loved about it came along to the cabin - Carl, my sewing stuff, and The Red Chair.  The many happy family memories we made there will  be joined with the ones here at the cabin.  Jerilynn

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  1. Where do you drink your morning coffee?