Thursday, May 10, 2012

Practice Safe Furniture Protection

I made two more sets of Woolfelt coasters to go with the guitar coasters.  Ben, the two year-old, loves trucks and cars and used to play with my Woolfelt coasters all the time when he was younger.  So, I thought he was old enough to learn about furniture protection and have coasters of his own.  For Katie?  Some nice flower coasters.  Both redwork designs were from Secrets of Embroidery.  That site has tons of fun designs and lots of rework designs, which I like because they are quick to sew out and don't weigh the Woolfelt down with too much dense stitching.   On the home front, the kitchen is now getting some insulation and some new wiring.  The appliances are on the road being shipped to us as I write, scheduled to be installed May 24.  Cutting the Memorial Day Weekend a bit close, aren't I?  Never a dull moment around here!  Jerilynn

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