Friday, March 30, 2012

What did I make today?  Well, I made a trip down memory lane.  We are in St. Pete Beach, Florida, where we spent the last 12 Springs.  The first couple years we were still working and came down with some friends for a wonderful work-break-week.  We stayed at a Travelodge, right on the beach.  The rooms were atrocious, but the pool was big, and the hotel had a fabulous beach bar, the Swigwam, that had the best Rumrunners around.  My friend, Jane, and I would grab a lounge chair in the morning, and sun and read until the bar was open around noon, and then hint and hint until someone went to get us the icy, Rumrunner treat.  Those were the days of not knowing that one of us would be gone way too soon.  The Travelodge is now the Postcard Inn.  Ultra hip and cool with a young "vibe".  Jane would have loved seeing the transformation.  The Swigwam is now just the PCI beach bar, but they thankfully kept the Rumrunner recipe the same.  Before hitting the PCI, we stopped by the Friendly Native Condos that we rented for a couple of  months for a few years, after we retired.  We were hoping to catch some of the regulars around the pool, and we were delighted to find a good collection in the back corner, toasting and saying their good-byes to each other.  Tomorrow is the 31st of March, and that is when most all of the Snowbirds head back home...Michigan, Canada, Minnesota.  It was so fun to see so many familiar faces!!  Some, we learned, didn't make it back for another year.  But the smiles were just as genuine, just as sweet as I remembered.  "Why do you go back to the same  beach every year?", people back home, ask.  We go back to visit our memories.  We love seeing what has changed.  Even more, we love seeing what is the same.  Someday we hope to be here for longer stretches again, but family needs up north come first.  We are thankful for the chance to come to the sun for a few days, and make some new memories that we can visit next year.  Jerilynn  P.S.  I have been knitting on a Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors while suffering with a chest cold for a few days.  I will post a picture soon, I promise!

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  1. Those memories are important because they are about good friends and good times together. You have built an amazing home where wonderful friends and family are making wonderful memories in every season. Glad you could get in some Florida sunshine for that chest cold too. Safe travels home<3