Monday, March 5, 2012

Dresses for Windows

A few years back, curtains and drapes for windows seemed a bit old-fashioned.  Blinds and shades were all the rage in decorating.  I remember I saw a Divine Design with Candace Olson and she did silk drapes with a banded bottom and called them "ball gowns for windows".  They looked so pretty!  So fresh!  So modern!  Nowadays I see fabric at windows everywhere, and lately, the curtains have been of a large print.  Very fun, don't you think?  This weekend we went to help my daughter do some house projects.  Carl made her a three piece closet and shelf system for her clothes storage, and I made the black and white sliding curtains that hang in front.  Ellen bought the fabric at Ikea and it was a wonderful, heavy fabric to work with.  She didn't buy enough, thus the big band of white canvas with black ribbon trim.  Almost as if we planned to make them this way!  The middle shot is of her living room.  The Ikea panels came already lined, so all I had to do was shorten both panels and their lining.  Love!  The last photo is her dining area - the Ikea panels weren't lined, so I attached a second fabric piece to the panels and shortened them to the window sill.  I was surprised to see her choice for the is almost identical to the white and blue fabric I had for curtains in my first apartment in Chicago, 1974 - 1978.  Blue Willow, I think.  I guess the pretty dresses I had at my windows almost 40 years ago are back in style!  Jerilynn  P.S.  Ellen declares that the closet system has changed her life.  Wow. That was a good weekend full of work!

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