Thursday, March 8, 2012

Name Picture Done!

I got the LIJEWSKI name picture put together today.  I used a red, tone-on-tone fabric that reminded me a bit of a linen print.  I cut it to the size of the backing cardboard and sprayed some glue on.  I then smoothed out the fabric and put a few spurts of glue on the back of each photo.  I used a rotary ruler that happened to be just the right size to line up the photos as I went along.  The frame I ordered is just plastic, and the "glass" is plastic, too, so maybe at some point I may want to get a real frame and glass (non-glare - this is in the family room and all the windows makes it hard to see).  For right now, though, it is done, on the wall, and looks good.  What a fun, easy, fairly inexpensive project to do.  Plus, I love that the "letters" came from our own home.  Jerilynn


  1. Thanks! No baby, yet. Due date is April 18, but we all know that isn't embroidered in stone!

  2. Interesting choice of words....With your talents you're probably the only person I know who could embroider something in stone :>) P.S. Thought baby date was in March.


  3. Ha, ha! I thought that word combo was appropriate for jerisew(s)!

  4. Turned out great!

    My niece's baby who was due April 4th arrived on March 5th....a tiny peanut of 5-1/2#...he is doing well...and so cute!