Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Red Chair

I am at our condo for a couple of days while I take a class and teach a class.  It is odd.  It is our home, but doesn't feel like it anymore.  Most of our stuff is still here, and the big comfy bed felt really good to my old, achy, cold-ridden body.  But I think I have emotionally moved to our cabin and that is now home to me.  The Red Chair is still here.  Once our condo is sold, it will be moved, along with The Red Couch to the lake.  We are not sure where it will end up.  In the studio?  Our bedroom?  Living room?  Family room?  So  many options.  I am hoping that the studio will win.  I can sit in my chair and do some hand sewing, some knitting, some lake gazing, and, of course, some blogging.  I drank my coffee in The Red Chair this morning and added a few rows to Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors.  I have discovered that the last rows of color take lots of yarn.  I have had to add in different colors to finish off the rows.  That isn't exactly what I would have wanted, but I am feeling good about using up yarn and getting to the end stretch.  The colors in the picture above aren't very good - no, the couch and chair aren't a deep pink.  I am too tired to color-correct.  You understand.  Jerilynn


  1. Daughter is rec'ng a gift of a big old red chair, it's a "pass along" type that gets a new home and butt. Must be something special with those comfy red chairs!

  2. Sister Sandy is a touch saddened...

  3. Congratulations for selling the condo. The buyers are lucky people to have your lovely colorful home to move into. It's good to know that you're emotionally moved to the lake since its your full time home now! Have a wonderful vacation. It's cold today so you left just I time!